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11-15-2011, 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by SteveHale View Post
I disagree. Right now Phasers or maybe Disruptors are king. It's not because of their damage either (which is the same across all weapon types) but because of their procs and proc rates. Anyone telling you that other weapon types are crap probably aren't talking about Phasers.

If you are having a problem keeping shields up, in spite of the insanely high healing options, then there is probably something more at work here than just Anti-Protons.
See that's the problem. I got outtanked by a tactical character in a defiant ship yet I am an engineer in an assault cruiser. I'm starting to wonder if something else was at play like another exploit or some other form of cheat. Another problem is that I could not damage this dude at despite him being in a defiant and tactical career. I use all the best offense and defensive combination of powers a ship you can use,

My timing is perfect and my experience is mastered....yet what happeneded did not add up. I've been hit anti-proton before and usually with no problems. But unless they changed the mechanics of the weapons this was not a normal incident. Something does not add up and I suspect another magical exploit in the works like the shield exploit currently going on at the moment. I have never had this situation happen before not just on my tank ship but any of my other careers as well.

I don't know though at this rate I'm going to start using anti proton's and see what the talk is all about because like I said everyone tells to use anti-proton's because they are currently the best vs the other weapon types.