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11-15-2011, 06:02 PM
Here is the thing with AP that makes them king over all weapons. If you have a player who knows how to spike
very high your toast if your not setup correctly to resist high spike. This is more so with AP but is true of all weapons. AP had a proc to go through shields it was taken away because of the use of DEM with AP. It had
an almost 100% proc chance like that. Now it just hits harder and with tacts in escorts or BOPs its even worse.
The new change to the skill tree makes them hit even harder. I did a space task force Que and crit a sphere for 70K it was gone. But I have 4 mk XII mag regulators and im specked into AP 9 points. Now Phasers can crit just as high and so can DIsruptors. Remember when you pick a shield they are all not gonna help you with spike. The Borg shields on a cruiser will not help you against AP spikes of 10K or higher your best bet is to make sure your hull has AP resists and polarize hull and Attack pattern Delta or Omega or one of the 3. But that's something that can be said of anyone who receives high spike damage. Players need to learn to make a better build instead of asking for Nerf s unless something is way way out of whack and AP has been Nerfed already.