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11-16-2011, 03:00 AM
I'd suggest an Energy syphon (higher version if possible) over Tykens rift unless you use a tractor beam (thats how I use it on a BoP)... Or may be Targert subsystem engine will do the same.
In anyway you need to keep the enemy near the rift to make it usefull.
Also, I agree on a ship focussed on high and fast damage (like well... every escort^^) Polaron isnt a good choice. Disruptors and Antiprotion are IMO best suitet for those ships (although I use phasers for... well aestetics... ).
And if you really want to go for drains... use tetryon.

Also... since you obviously want to do something diffrent then being the causal escort with burst damage, I'd agree that the Multivector-prometheus is the better choice.