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11-16-2011, 02:48 AM
Have been playing this game since launch and i gotta say .. huh ?
The game has several "extreme" elements. You have a lot of buffs that can significantly raise your resistances to damage. If you don't use them, you're dead fast, if you use them, you are very hard to kill. If you don't buff your damage (weapon power to max, tactical buffs), you won't amount to much. Then you also got very powerful healing - ships jump down from severely damaged to undamaged via a few clicks. Someone rotating his defense buffs and heals or receiving heals can be impossible to take down with damage buffs (despite these giving considerable bonuses). Science powers are used to break through these defense rotations - subnucleonic beam kills all buffs, scramble sensors and shockwaves ensures that heals don't reach the intented target, giving people enough time to break through the healing and resistances to kill a target. (But you need to be fast about it.)

The result is not exactly a tie between damage and healing, but a tie between the parties - no one kills anyone - unless you have the tie-breaker in form of science powers.

Scramble Sensors is one of the most annoying of these tie-breakers, since your buffs and attacks hitting the wrong targets despite you explicitely setting them yourself removes player control and is frustrating. So a short-term solution is to address what Scramble Sensors does to make it less anoying.

We can also address some of the issues with healing and resistances. Splitting Tactical Team into two skills - one for removing tactical debuffs and applying some kind of offense-oriented buff, and one for distributing shield power to shields under fire. This means some offensive strategies to work better again as the defenses against them cover less.

But actually fixing the fact that buffs always grant such significant improvemens, and heals being as strong as they are.
That's a very fundamental issue. It requires re-thinking the entire space combat system, It hink, and it may simply be out of scope for a game already live.