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11-16-2011, 03:38 AM
Originally Posted by -GEN-Alaris
I'd like to point out, as I have MANY times before, that the RED MATTER CAPACITOR is NOT A PRE-ORDER ITEM, and has NO PLACE IN THE C-STORE. It was an item for people who bought the Collector's Edition, which you can still buy.

Thanks you. ^_^
The reasons I bought the CE were the uniforms.... they were among the first items ending up in C-Store. And unlike the LTAs that start screaming with every singel hint that their precious Borg might end up being available in some way I never complained since I believe everybody should have the same things available without paying twice or 3 times for the same (especially when it is about canon STAR TREK stuff)
Thats why I have no issues with the red matter capacitor following...

About the deffense turret and the TR being OP... well that might be correct... but as long as SOME people have them and others cant its even more unbalanced.