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11-16-2011, 03:57 AM
Yes, you can do this - some call this "Breen Farming". A well known exploit, you can run the 3 missions for these rewards, immediately sell them for EC, then select these re-run the missions again and obtain these pieces again. Pst... the one worth doing this on is Cold Call (due to it's short length) - Cold Case & Cold Storage take much longer to complete which is probably why this loophole hasn't been nerfed by the devs.

However, for instance, if you are a Vice Admiral, you can only re-earn the mk XI set. You can keep the mk X & mk XIII and use them as well providing you had earned them at Rear Admiral & Captain levels but if you sell off pieces of these older mk sets, you cannot earn them back since as a VA, you are only elligible for the mk XI ones as rewards.

Another caveat I found is that you cannot mix and match the mk levels of the breen set and get the set bonuses - for instance, if you have a mk X breen parabolic deflector, and the mk VIII Supercooled Engines & mk VIII Dielectric Shields installed on a ship, you will not get the set perk - e.g. the energy siphon, in this case you would get the set bonus for having only two of the like items - e.g. the superconducting phase channels.