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I can give you some pointers, but bear in mind my Tact/Gal-X is built for my playstyle in PVP. Certainly not the only way to build a Gal-X, but at the very least you can get some ideas. I'll try and explain my reasoning as I go.

When building a ship, build it with considerations in this order:
  1. PvP
  2. PvE

A PvP built ship will cakewalk the PvE part of the game. What works in PvE won't necessarily work in PvP. Even if you never end up doing PvP, you'll still be left with an effective ship.

Originally Posted by ThePixie86
PS I will probably be using the Borg Assimilated Borg Technology set of 4 (unless you say otherwise) and also using my Borg Bridge Officer for a +10 in power (I presume they would stack).
I use the Borg Shield, Deflector, and Console, with Aegis Engines. The four piece bonus of the Borg set is the lengthy cooldown tractor beam, so (for me at least) it's not worth it compared to the bonus you get from the Aegis engines. With them you get a bonus 5 defence, and the +10 to Combat Maneuvers give boost your tactical skills sucha as Attack Pattern Alpha, Fire On My Mark, and I believe Go Down Fighting. They also have a slightly better turn bonus than the Borg ones.

The Borg Shields are nice, but you just need to keep an eye on them. If you're good at balancing / redistributing shields and repositioning your ship, they're great on a cruiser with high shield power!

I presume you're talking about Efficient bridge officers? Yes, they stack, so it's nice to have as many as you can get, although not absulutely essential. Think with a full crew of 5, you only get a couple of extra points in power to low power subsystems.

Originally Posted by ThePixie86 View Post
I have taken a look but could you confirm your build as I could only see a picture.

My current build is this..

Fore: 3x Phaser Beam Array X & Photon Torpedo X (All Common)
Aft: 3x Phaser Beam Array X (Common) & Rapid Reload Transphasic Torpedo X (Very Rare)

What would be the best torpedos to use? Quantums are soo expensive on Exchange and currently my best one is a Mark VIII (Uncommon).


Tact Ensign - Tactical Team 1
Tact Lt - Beam Array Fire at Will 1 & Torpedo: High Yield 2
Sci Lt - Polarise Hull 1 & Hazard Emitters 2
Eng Lt Com - Emergency Power to Weapons 1, Auxiliary to Structural 1& Emergency Power to Shields 3
Eng Com - Engineering Team 1, Directed Energy Modulation 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 2 & Eject Warp Plasma 3

What you think?
Going with your tactic of decloaking and giving a target everything, I'd suggest a couple of changes. For weapons I run two Phaser Dual Beam Banks, Phaser Beam Array and a Tricobalt up front, and four Phaser Beam Arrays at the back. This setup gives me a nice 5 beam broadside without power drain issues, as well as a nice punch up front with the beam banks.

For torpedos... I'm still in a debate at the moment. Before the change to the Tricobalt Torps, they did 20K damage and was a great way of finishing a target off at close range. Now that the damage is practically halved, I'm considering switching to a single Quantum Launcher. With High Yield it'll do roughly the same as a normal Tricobalt and can't be shot down. Photons have nice DPS, but don't hit as hard as Quantums or Tricobalts. General rule of thumb I go by is "Spike damage kills things, damage over time rarely does", so choosing the torpedo with the most single hit power is the way to go. Also consider that the Galaxy-X has a terrible turn rate, so when you get the opportunity to get a target in the firing arc you'll want to make it count and hit them with the most powerful torpedo you can muster.

For Tact Boffs I run Tact Team 1, High Yield 1, Attack Pattern Beta 1. High Yield 1 is sufficient for a single torpedo launcher, as Beta can benefit all your beams, torps, and the rest of your team. Tact Team is useful for redistributing shields under heavy fire, and gaining a marginal damage increase.

As for your Engineer setup - why Reverse Shield Polarity 2? You're wasting a valuable Lt Cmdr slot. Generally there's no reason to take anything other than RSP1. Directed Energy Modulation is nice, but rank 1 is worthless. Preferably choose DEM3 or DEM2 if you must have it. Additionally why only one Emergency Power to Shields? You can chain two of them for continually hardened shields. Especially if you want to keep shield power high to aid the natural regen of the Borg Shields.

May want to consider something like:

Eng Team 1, Emergency Power to Shields 2, Aux to SIF 2
Eng Team 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1, Emergency Power to Shields 3, Directed Energy Modulation 3 or Eject Warp Plasma 3

That was a more defensive build than anything, but if you find yourself fine for heals and want more damage:

Emergency Power to Weapons 1, Emergency Power to Shields 2, Directed Energy Modulation 2
Emergency Power to Weapons 1, Emergency Power to Shields 2, Directed Energy Modulation 2, Aux to SIF 3

The above build has nice skill synergy, since DEM and Emergency to Weapons require the same skills and frees points up for other areas. Also since you're running Attack Pattern Beta (a hull debuff), you'll get more out of DEM 2's hull damage. With that build you can decloak, blast a single target with your forward fire power, and then still be useful with 5 high weapon power DEM'd beams whilst your lance recharges.

Oh, and yes you can chain up to four emergency powers - tie them all to spacebar and you'll have them trigger alternately every 15 seconds. There is also another eng setup (which I currently use and has been quite successful in PvP) which is a combination of the above two - survivability and damage. If you want that, feel free to PM me.

Then for the Sci... I have a few Sci Boffs with different setups depending on what the enemy is:

Sci Team 1, Hazard Emitters 2
Hazard Emitters 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Tractor Beam 1, Transfer Shield Strength 2
Tractor Beam 1, Hazard Emitters 2

A sci for every situation. Having a selection is nice so your ship can adapt to whatever you're fighitng. Normally I run with one with a Tractor Beam to hold targets in place for the Phaser Lance.

Hope I've helped at least a bit, or given you some ideas.