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11-16-2011, 06:38 AM
Originally Posted by KitsuneRommel
Looks more like insane to me. But how can you tell the difference?
Insanity is all in the mind of the holder.
Happiness is perception and the only true inalienable right.

This peaked my Interest though,

Originally Posted by FirstAngelus View Post
The bad thing is that the Klingon academy looks just... lazy done.

In the Starfleet academy zone you see the work that was put into it... there are very little envoiromental parts we have seen before, it has an amazing background ect ect...

The Klingon academy however is just... well it looks like just taken parts from gonalda and the old Quo'nos and just a few rocks between those... completly uninspired. And it feels very very... small.
Unfortunately they could not use stuff from the video game Klingon Academy
and had to go at it on thier own.
I like it, reminds me of StarkMoor from the Kings Blade series by Dave Duncan. A Old and lonely Building in an isolated local producing the finest warriors to sail teh void between stars.

It does need those loving KDF touches though to give it life and purpose.