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11-16-2011, 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by Marctraider View Post
Well I'd say no MMO is perfect, and never will. Re-designing the whole skills and how it works requires almost a complete Space part overhaul or total redesign.

I dont think Cryptic will take the risk of doing this, especially with people who think the system is pretty much fine. They would probably avoid more QQ'ing over this then anything else.

Not saying its bad idea if it would to happen, but... :p
Agreed. I don't think cryptic is even capable of something of that magnitude without completely borking the whole thing up. Fix one thing at a time (correctly) then move on (ex. Scramble sensors). Mmo's by nature constantly have balance shifts that require the devs to monitor and tweak. The sign of a good developer is being able to assess these issues and quickly deal with them (correctly) before it affects the players to the point of forum riots ;-)