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11-16-2011, 11:30 AM
Originally Posted by castogere View Post
The medical area does need to be moved out of the local pub n grub......kinda silly IMO

I don't see why they just don't redo the other staion interiors to fall more in line with ESD in a set up type way.

DS9 could use a overhual anyway as the inside looks nothing like the show.
They are working on DS9 on tribble...and ESD.

Looks like both are works in progress and we should see more progress with a new tribble patch.

For DS9 my main thing was I thought they should move the shipyard out of the Cargo bay and into the Operations area, and the Exchange/bank out of the "other' cargo bay and place it up on the observation deck. And then find a way to intergrate Quarks into the same instance like they did Admiral Quinns Office at ESD. That way you get the outside bar access seen in the show as well as the entrance from the observation deck. Next for the two Empty Cargo bays they could turn those into UGC doors for now. Then add a sick bay and a security office...I know its a long list but I love DS9 too lol.