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# 1 the Source of the Hate Mail
11-16-2011, 12:24 PM
Star Trek has always been a franchise that has attracted dreamers, moralists, idealists, and other types of people who are hopeful for the future. All people want to live in a world that is just and in which people are treated fairly: Star Trek fans even more so. We are quicker to anger than most when we see injustice.

Therefore, when we are lied to and told that we will not loose anything that we currently have in the game, then see that we will loose 20 -40% of the wealth that we have worked hard to accumulate, or that items will no longer work in the way that we paid real money for...

Allow me to draw an analogy. You buy a shiny new car. Several months later, you are contacted by the car's manufacturer and told that that car's engine and wheels are now obsolete, and must be returned.

Unlike the Ferengi, people in the real world cannot change an agreement after payment has been made.

This is a form of *FRAUD*.

That company would not only loose funds through the resultant litigation, but would suffer a great deal of damage to its reputation as well.

Again, Cryptic I urge you to stop what you are doing, it is WRONG- and ST fans, more than other people, will not tolerate this unethical behavior.