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11-16-2011, 01:31 PM
Originally Posted by AdmiralBlack10 View Post
see the following ships added to the game I feel adding these ships would make the game more of a challenge for players.

2. The breen captial ship

5. the romulan and or reman schmitar

7. the uss kelvin from the jj abrams startrek
8. The enterprise from that movie as well.

First of all are you asking for these ships to be given to players to use or to play against?

If you are saying against like you say in your post the Breen Capital ship is in the game already as well as the Schmitar.
If you are asking that they be given to players well thats just silly. Starfleet would never use another race's ship.

Second of all. You will never see the JJ star ships in the game. Paramount will never give those up and even if they did its not canon to the current STO story line since its an ALTERNATE TIMELINE. That's where the the mistake is made a lot. The Galaxy X was seen by Picard so of course he could have mentioned its design to the ship yards.