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11-16-2011, 01:56 PM
I just realized something about Kurn's chest:
the vestigal male mammary glands are missing.

I'm not sure how sensitive people would react to the use of the n word (and I don't mean "Nazi") in this case so I'll let you all sort out what I mean with this sentence.

Of course they serve no purpose on a male so perhapse Klingon evolution has completely removed them from the males but if there was a female version of this variant it would not be able to do something mammals are supposed to be capable of.
So most likely there would be no such version of female Klingons.
If there ever was I assume they probably died out unles they appeared (perhaps as a randim mutation) at a point in Klingon evolution when offspring no longer needed breastfeeding because there would be ample "artificial" substitutes available.