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# 4 Thanks for quick replies.
11-16-2011, 01:32 PM
To start thanks for the quick replies.
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Energy Syphon is only a single target power drain, were Tykens Rift provides AoE. It depends on Deflector Dish, which is a Tier 3 skill and thus easier to skill then Tykens Rifts Spatial Anomaly skill (Tier 5), but the power drain of Tykens Rift is much better. I would go with Tykens Rift 2, but be aware that the rift can be destroyed with AoE weapons currently. Don't know if thats a bug.

I've tested a similar setup not long ago with my sciscort and for PvE it will be enough to use level 2 of Subsystem Targeting together with Tykens Rift. This will leave the 1 Lt. Com. tactical for BO3 or High Yield. If you are planning to PvP you probably have to use a level 3 Subsystem Targeting.
I might as well have different tactical BOFFs one for PVE and one for PVP. What about Fire at Will 3? I wish they had a power like it that only fires on one target.

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Also put some points into Sensors and Sensor Array and maybe use a Sensor Array console, too. For your Com. tactical I would suggest Attack Pattern Beta 3 instead of the usual Omega.
Why do this? In what way does it help?

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And if you really want to go for drains... use tetryon.
Doesn't that just drain shields? Although I can see the draining shields advantage. I can always have both Tetryons and Polaron in my inventory and just switch them when needed especially with the new skill revamp.

Is the Breen energy drain power from the set any good compared to the Sci BOFF Drain Energy? Although I do prefer Regenerative Shield Array MK XI [REG]x2 with 2 EPTS chained so that would eliminate the Breen Energy Drain.
Would a Torpedo Launcher, a Dual Beam Bank and 2 Beam arrays in front and a Torpedo Launcher with 2 Beam Arrays in back be the best Beam setup?