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11-16-2011, 04:10 PM
Hull tanking is much less viable then shield tanking.

Effectively because Shields have way more 'hitpoints' then hull.

The only good way to hull tank is the Ablative ability imo

Seriously if u want to aim for hull tanking though, i can summarize a list of abilities which would help you;

- Polarize Hull
- Aux2dampeners
- Aux2Sif
- Hazard Emitters
- Attack Pattern Omega
- Attack Pattern Delta
- Subspace Modulator

+35 Kinetic console, some energy/hull console (cant remember the name)
more +35 kinetic console perhaps?
all the energy weapon resistance consoles are hull only so u can try that :p

^ everything mentioned here in some way resist your hull, even the smallest of things
Ugh i must have forgot a dozen more...

But I'd say, concentrate on your shields. And if you can keep them up its all ok No shield down, no ship down. (Take care of the bleedthrough though).

Also take at least a shield battery and Engi team for the nasty Shield procs

Edit: now that i think about it. i might try this out some day