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Originally Posted by whamhammer View Post
There was the use of Holograms for use in high hazard areas, that was, in essence, a form of slavery.
Don't forget how they tried to treat their android, Data.

Yes, he won that court case that kept him from being taken off the Enterprise at one point, but then they turned around and tried to take his daughter from him.

Originally Posted by mister_dee
I don't think anyone here believes all of those who lived in the south and could technically own slaves thought it was a good thing.
But appearently some people did, otherwise we would never have gotten stuff like Calhoun's
"Slavery a Positive Good" *shudders*.
As a former reenactor who served as Army provost at one time for Longstreets Corps, I've heard quite a bit about such things.

Truth is ... the truth is under all that muddy water and very hard to see.

Best to steer this conversation away from the North / South / slavery issue as it will snowball out of control.

It always does. Well, almost always. ... There was that one time the two opposing sides had too much in the way of liquid spirits to finish the argument and ended up singing 19th century tunes (very poorly, I might add). but hey ... At least it was one less fight to break up.

And do we really want Stormshade coming in here and having to stomp out a fire? ... I'd rather drink bloodwine, watch the Orion dancers and point to our defending their way of life as why the Klingons are the good guys.

Besides, ... Simply put, the Federation tries to assimilate other cultures by smoothering them with their set of ideals.

I'm going to quote a historical conversation where such has previously been pointed out ....

Cmdr. Chekov: We all agree that every culture is entitled to inalienable human rights...

Azetbur: "In-alien." If you could only hear yourselves...human rights. The very name is racist. The Federation is nothing more than a "Homo sapiens only" club.