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11-16-2011, 08:57 PM
If you really want to hull tank, get 2x hazard emitters, aux to SIF 3 if possible or rank 2 if not, a couple engineering teams, and attack pattern delta. That will get you as much hull healing and resistances as you can possibly get through BOFF abilitise. Consoles you want neutronium or monotanium depending on what you want to focus defenses on.

Also since you are focusing on hull tanking, shield power should be at 25, and all spare power should be in aux, and if you're not teamed with a good escort, weapon power definitely needs to be maximum.

For offense, if you're worried about Borg torpedoes you need to get fire at will and/or be better at targeting them before they get to you.

That said, shield tanking Borg cubes is entirely viable with a pair of hazard emitters, though its easiest for science ships. Of course shield neutralizer is not the only problem, spheres and cubes also use tachyon beam which is quite annoying as well, but its more of a problem for escorts.

Borg tend to lead off with tachyon beam, so if you wait till they drain your shields, then hit emergency power to shields and/or transfer shield strength, you'll get those shields back and resists to keep them up. The only thing you have to worry about is cubes with the actual shield neutralizer, which has to be neutralized quickly with hazard emitters or your shields will disappear very quickly. Unlike tachyon beam, this attack can be evaded so keep moving to keep your defense rating high.