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11-17-2011, 06:14 AM
Originally Posted by Bort1980 View Post
Does it matter any more?

With the DOff system, you can get all the samples you want.
If players do enough of the DOFF Missions to meet needs, then perhaps it would not be, but, if people who play Klingon also Craft, and don't get enough in the DOFF Process, then IMHO, Yes it would be important. I have not seen as many Particle items in DOFF as I have Commodity Items personally.

For many months on Holodeck, I tracked the Numbers balance between Fed, and Klingon. I found that overall, the Klingon was far short of the Feds in drop ratio. In fact, I would Farm Anomalies with my FED Toon, and Mail Items to my Klingon to save time.

When I came onto F2P/Tribble, I saw that the Raise in Sector that was previously added to Holodeck just before F2P come online had also been carried over to there, which was good. I also saw that the Systems, Bases, and Planets had the same shortage that Holodeck had for Klingons.

System Take now seems to be at a more compatible level, but I have yet to see if Bases and Planets are up to Par.