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11-17-2011, 07:28 AM
I don't know. I had no problem with quartermasters. In fact, mine are all green. It's the diagnostic engineer
that I couldn't find on the exchange. I finally got one in a trade. One thing I think the devs needs to make
a little more clear: usable enemy faction doffs from unusable ones. The difference in color border is subtle and the background is difficult to distinguish. I accidentally bought a few Gorn and Klingon KDF doffs thinking i could use them, but couldn't. I do have several Orion, Gorn and Klingon doffs that are usable (ie. Starfleet), so it's not a matter of a avoiding the purchase of a specific species. Either make the different factions more distinguishable or flag them as unusable for the buyers faction. Just my two cents.