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11-17-2011, 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by SPILKA View Post
I have 1 Fed toon and a Klingon toon on the Tribble server. I have 2 Klingon toons and 1 Fed toon on the Holodeck server. What will happen to my toons when the changes fro F2P happen ?


The characters on the Tribble server will likely be deleted or archived. Any rewards will be made available on holodeck.

Your characters on Holodeck will be left alone when the change happens. When you log on, they will go through a similar conversion process to transferring to tribble (emblems, marks, merits, et cetera will be converted). If you stop paying, your characters will be archived and you will be allowed to convert them to silver or keep them and continue paying for gold at a later date.