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# 1 STFs on Elite Difficulty
11-17-2011, 01:38 PM
Iím I the only one that think that the Elite Difficulty settings on the current STF missions needs to be toned down a bit?

Iíve completed all of the old format STFs many times over and I believe that there difficulty level is supposed to be the same difficulty level that is being used by the revamped STFs on elite.

Iíve run the revamped STFs on normal and with a semi cohesive squad they are quite easy.

Iíll try to give a better example of what Iím getting at:

The revamped Cure space battle

On normal the only way to fail the mission is if no one knows what theyíre doing.

On elite the Borg Npc take out every team member in about 2-3 shots and it takes every team member focus firing on one target to get any damage in on it.

Iím finding the same thing more or less on elite ground STFs has well.

I know the elite difficulty needs to make you work harder but when one attack from a Borg vessel shatters your shield facing and still drops your hull to 50%, I think thereís a problem.