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So I logged in to tribble and immediately noticed quite a few changes. I'll list what I noticed and whether I liked or disliked it. hopefully many will add to that list so we all can provide feedback on the most recent changes.

1. The graphic overhaul of ESD. ESD now has cartoony, colorful direction signs all over the place. You seriously can't walk five paces without seeing a half-dozen signs or more. I really don't like this at all, it's like your saying I'm too stupid to find my way without an arrow pointing to another arrow and another until I get to my destinatioin. you might as well add colored lines to the floor.

2. The second set of stairs removed from the ceremony room. I like this one, it unclutters the hall in that area, and makes the ceremony room look larger.

3. The cartoony bangs over npc heads. Again, I don't like it, it's several steps below the bangs you were using.

4. The new(er) skill tree. It's broken, I can't spend a single point, and some points I DID spend got un-spent for me!?! (EDIT: I am able to use a respec and get things back on track, now I can assign new skill points, but only to the top tier, I can't add to a lower tier skill.)

5. The DOFF interface upgrade? A mixed bag of fun and torture here. You can't double click on a Doff mission to open it anymore, you now have to highlight it and then click on start. At least you can still double click your doffs. I like the new tabs for Doff (i.e. completed) but the changes to the mission interface make it WAY too cluttered (especially the mission briefing screens).

6. The character selection screen. I guess this should've been first since it's the first thing I noticed. I like the changes. i like the larger character creation buttons at the top of the character list. I like the more open feel of the login screen, and the backdrops as well.

Please add to ths list and feel free to comment/criticize/agree/disagree. There's not a lot of time left to get changes in before this all goes live.