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11-17-2011, 04:46 PM
STF Timer:

Do NOT like the timer on the STF's.. My very first run after the patch and got stuck with people who were NOT payiong attention to the mission in Cure space.. Mission failed due to the Kang being destroyed and I'm locked out of it for an hour.. great wonderfull, lovely.. Please take the timer back off.

It really doesn't make that much sense to have it anyway. Strongly object to its presence.


I still don't like it. Why not just make crafting a GOLD level membership perk and dump the Dilithium requirement entirely so that if you don't have a paid sub you don't get to craft... Crafted item can be flagged as unsellable on the exchange if thats a concern. They can also be flagged as requiring a paid sub to equip them on a person or ship. (if you uniquip them you need to have a current subscription to re-equip them)

If you dont want us crafting then just take crafting out of the game. At this point you may as well. I personally see no need at this point in Dilithium based crafting. Its simply more bother then its worth. It was a time sink before, and now its even more so because of the daily Dilithium refinement limits.

More on this in another post. This one is just feed back on todays patch.