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11-17-2011, 05:30 PM
Originally Posted by GenEricII
1. The graphic overhaul of ESD. ESD now has cartoony, colorful direction signs all over the place. You seriously can't walk five paces without seeing a half-dozen signs or more. I really don't like this at all, it's like your saying I'm too stupid to find my way without an arrow pointing to another arrow and another until I get to my destinatioin. you might as well add colored lines to the floor...

3. The cartoony bangs over npc heads. Again, I don't like it, it's several steps below the bangs you were using.
Agreed on both points. Even as a work-in-progress, the new Earth Spacedock signage is atrocious and a distinct step in the wrong direction. In its current state, the colors, design, multitude, and placement of the signs are nothing less than immersion shattering and, as noted, assume the player to be clueless. On the positive side of things, I really appreciate the holographic flicker added the signs, and the Starfleet emblems in use are beautifully done. On the whole, however, the directional signs on Earth Spacedock should definitely be rethought.