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11-17-2011, 05:49 PM
Originally Posted by OOP View Post
FTP Tribble Server needs to be opened up to Anyone and Everyone who bought this game either downloaded or Retail copy. They shouldn't have to be subscribed to test this out. We all shelled out money for a game that was later sold for 5 Bucks !!!! And still you have to subscribe to even get on there beta test servers ? COME ON. ALSO !! WHY do you have to have a subscribtion just to update your sto client/game. This thing is going FTP. PLEASE OPEN it up to people who have a retail CD key or bought the downloaded version. WE'er testing this stuff out for you. GIVE US something back in return. A Star Trek game we all love. KEEP up the good work DEvs.

PS. PLEASE FORWARD to D'Angelo's desk. Thx.
Umm... as of Dec 1st it'll all be on Holodeck anyway... hang onto yer mony till then.

Don't pay for TRIBBLE, fur sure. (if yer not already)