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11-17-2011, 06:38 PM
The original post is well said and well argued. I very much agree that the perceived value for current subscribers is severely diminished. Whether or not that will ultimately be the case once all the changes are done, who's to say.

I also really agree with Aarknoid. As someone who bought a Lifetime Sub in January of this year, It would still be another 8 months before that subscription would have paid for itself. Yes, technically I will still get gold member status for life, so I guess that's okay. But I can't help but feel like my investment in STO is very diminished from what I expected.

My primary concern is that so little new content has come out. The "weekly" episodes became bi-annual episodes. The Foundry is great, but the rewards for participating in the Foundry make it unfeasible to play it for any character who isn't already leveled, and might I mention that the search abilities in the Foundry make it virtually impossible to reasonably find anything other than by chance. The truth is that every character you make plays the exact same missions in almost the exact same way. After five VAs/LGs (and 1 of each on Tribble!), I feel there's very little to induce me to play anymore. It's sad since I enjoy the idea of the game so very much. I'm just bored. My science captain has blown up just as many enemy ships as my tactical captain, and none of them really feel like they're in Star Trek anymore.

Thanks Quark_Kent for your keen analysis.