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11-17-2011, 07:12 PM
A lot of the new icons are way too cartoony. I can't accept that Starfleet would actually put something like that up on the wall. The art style needs to take into account the illusion that this is a real organization. The ship yard icon in particular, I think just looks ridiculous. It's not so much that the icons are bad, but some of them belong in Champions online, not Star Trek.

In general, we need icons more reminiscent of what would be seen in an Okudagram. It would be better to just have monchrome bluish icons with black background. It would fit better.

Some of the icons are OK, such as the Admiral, Transporter, Sickbay, State Room. Shipyard and Requisitions are really bad. The others are somewhere in the middle, but mostly passable.

The arrow icons look very out of place to me. They are way too bright and gaudy. I don't feel they match Star Trek decor at all. It would be an improvement just to remove the arrows and center the icons over the door. I think it's pretty obvious that the things over the door indicate what is through the door, the arrow is unnecessary.

On the connecting sections of the station (between each quadrant), having two icons above two other icons looks really bad. I suggest only having the two that are through the nearby door on the wall, and removing the ones that are for the far door. It's obvious if what you want isn't through that door, that you need to try the other one. And, in the worst case scenario if someone gets lost they'll still reach their destination eventually, so it's not that important.

I don't like how some of the parts of the station are now lit so dimly either. It was better before. I don't understand why that was changed.