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11-17-2011, 09:59 PM
Originally Posted by GenEricII

1. The graphic overhaul of ESD. ESD now has cartoony, colorful direction signs all over the place. You seriously can't walk five paces without seeing a half-dozen signs or more. I really don't like this at all, it's like your saying I'm too stupid to find my way without an arrow pointing to another arrow and another until I get to my destinatioin. you might as well add colored lines to the floor.

3. The cartoony bangs over npc heads. Again, I don't like it, it's several steps below the bangs you were using.

Please add to ths list and feel free to comment/criticize/agree/disagree. There's not a lot of time left to get changes in before this all goes live.
These two are my biggest gripes as I have also said in the other thread... This being a "Trek" MMO is the biggest draw to STO for me, otherwise I wouldn't still be around sadly though some of this stuff just takes it further and further away... Also as I said i'm not meaning to knock the work put into them or say they are bad necessarily but they just don't fit.

I thought the changes to the Doff UI and char creator looked nice though!