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11-18-2011, 05:27 AM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
It's to keep people from just piling into the one STF that's marginally faster and leaving the other five vacant. It doesn't slow down the grind so much as it forces people to spread out and do all (or at least more) of them so there's less chance of a queue wall keeping people from getting into the particular STF they want for an accolade or such.

Other MMOs do similar things with equivalent content, like WoW's lockouts on 5 man heroic dungeons. You can do STFs back to back just like you can do dungeons back to back in WoW, but you can't do the same one over and over because for whichever reason it's slightly faster for token farming.
I guess that would make sense in STO if the STFs gave vastly different loot. They don't. The odds of picking up a rare engine/shield/deflector piece are so low it isn't worth grinding the specific mission to pick it up. I'd rather do the one I like, rather than have to do the other two to kill the cooldown timer.