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11-18-2011, 07:05 AM
Timers bad. Comparing WOW lockouts to STO is not a very good comparison. A wow 5man instance typically has a lot more in it then a STO instance.. a lock out there is also not nearrly as critical. In WOW you can always find something to do. In STO at the lvel cap your options are limited. And they are going to stay limited for some time. STO is rather thin on content. Thats changing, but its not changing fast and its not changing soon.

Timer lockoutss not good.

The percieved value as entertainment of STO is not particularly high for a 2nd to 3rd tier MMO with limited player appeal that has not been able to maintain is current user fan base since launch. If STO has more then 6,000 current paying accounts (not counting LTM's) I would be utterly shocked.

If there has been this much failure in keeping subscribig accounts then I have to wonder how in the owrld Cryptic thinks its going to retain F2P accounts and make money off them? You cannont sustain a business on impulse buying alone if percieved value is not there.

I have a LTM. I play KDF. I do not percieve that as a KDF player I have gotten my moneys worth due to the lack of immersive mission content for the KDF faction. If I were a monthly subscriber I would have left STO a year ago. I do not feel appreciated as a customer. I do not feel the Cryptic wants my business. I do not valued. The foolishly constructed dilithium economy say you don't count. You crippling of the crafting system and creation of more complexity for cafting says this. The Failure to address simply bug for weeks on end say this. The Corporate attitude of Cryptic towards its customers say this. SOme individuale cryptic personall have been forthcoming and truely love what they do. But the problems are lack of clear direction at the top, a lack of common sense, and a strong lack of understanding of thier current user base and the f2p user base they hope to market the product to. F2P players are not going to be anywhere as patient as the current user base and other then a little bit of time have NOTHING invested in STO. The sooner they get that, the sooner things improve around here.