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11-18-2011, 06:17 AM
When I logged on tribble and saw what they did to ESD all I could think of was "I could have sworn that I started the STO launcher."

This cartoonish stuff doesn't fit into the Star Trek universe. It looks horrible.

This isn't a saturday morning cartoon. We are talking about Star Trek here. That would never fly in the IP.

Remember Starfleet is supposed to be a military organization in the Federation's armed forces. Would the U.S. Navy put those cartoonish signs at their shipyards and or ships? NO! They wouldn't!

If you really have to handhold every new player through every piece of content (like you did with the forced mission progression ) then give them a non intrusive feature like the Enterprise D had in Encounter at Farpoint. Riker asked the computer to direct him to Commander Data. Remember that scene? If yes. Good! Now work on such a feature instead and give us the former ESD back. Not the horrid first one but the one that was in the previous build.