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11-18-2011, 06:49 AM
I came to the forums specifically to search for THIS.

After commenting on a post about not being able to LOAD esd, I finally get in and there are these really kindergarten-ish looking signs all over the place. The holography effect is ok in itself - don't scrap that idea, but the style of the sign "icons" and colored arrows - NO. the font for the labels - NO. There was nothing wrong with it before other than the inconsistency in the style sometimes from one sign to another - like you told 2 guys what you wanted the signs to look like and they both did good following directions, but they weren't exactly the same end product. If nothing else, just bring back the old signs, make them ALL the same style, resolution, etc.

Really, the new signage is terrible. It looks VERY unprofessional, like one of the art guys had his 12 year old give it a try. I hate being one to dump on something, but I have to make it clear that it won't fly for production. I hope to god they're just place holders.

Otherwise, I don't mind the other UI tweaks (maps, quest icons on the system popups, etc) at all. Aside from the ESD signs I'm pretty pleased with the changes so far.

Oh, and I don't know what the complaint is about the icons over npc's yet. I only get big white blocks. =)


tried from my other machine and I can see the overhead NPC icons now. TAKE THEM OUT.

update 2:

My own attempts to salvage the sign changes here: