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11-18-2011, 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by Cursix
How about just removing dilithium from crafting like many have suggested. Crafting by its definition should not involve currency.

It's been said this is a quick fix until crafting can be truly revamped; but if that was true, all you had to do was increase the recipe for each item. Instead your putting in more work to add dilithium in so you can make a quick buck. I'm sorry, but it honestly feels like you are trying to squeeze every penny out of us or face long grinds just to get things done.
Welcome to what most crafting systems in MMORPGs consist of. Grinding and actual material costs.

The so-called crafting system that is on holodeck right now isn't a traditional crafting system. In fact, it's more like a gathering quest with lots of rewards you can choose from. And the best part is that it only takes a couple hours of your time to max crafting out. I'll repeat: Only a couple hours to max.

That's why crafting had a dilithium cost added to it: The game was basically giving away high quality, max rank items for very little time investment. When they added dilithium to the cost of crafting we found out how much effort Cryptic thinks those items should involve, as data samples and the schematic only reduced the dilithium cost of an item by about 30%. In other words, Cryptic feels that we should have to invest about 70% more effort/time in order to get the same crafting items.

While this is a major nerf, it was required if their dilithium economy was going to work at all. Why would anybody spend dilithium at a vendor for an item when they could make as many items as they wanted?

If you want dilithium costs from crafting completely gone, you have to substitute that 70% added time/effort with some other mechanism.
For example, adding more resources to recipes that take more time, or add a failure mechanism so that it's possible to fail and lose resources. Or they could add sub-combines, so in order to make a phaser array you have to make a bunch of components first, which all require their own resources and combines.

I don't mind dilithium costs for crafting, but I'd like to see it at around 25-35% item cost instead of as high as it is right now.