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Originally Posted by AdmiralBlack10 View Post
The dreadnaught class was also in an alternate timeline, they can add the ships if they want to.
It wasnt really an alternate timeline. Technically Picard was just shifting in points of time of his timeline. And he saw the ship and remembered it and probably told Star Fleet about its design. So its possible they turned old Galaxies into the dreadnought by 2409.

JJ's ships are in the past only. Nero change the events of that timeline by destroying the Kelvin. So its an alternate timeline. Spock never travels back to his original time with the ship designs.

Since STO takes place in the original timeline of the original star treks then JJ's ships would never have been seen. STO is not the future of Star Trek 2009. Its the future of Voyager, DS9, TNG, and TOS plus all those movies.