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11-18-2011, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by AdmiralBlack10 View Post
maybe but the dreadnaught is from an alternate universe as well and they added that to the game.
You're totally missing the point.
They could add the Dradnought Galaxy since it was in the show and CBS has the rights to the shows and the first ten movies and Cryptic bought those rights.
Cryptic did not buy the rights for the 11th movie which is also not owned by CBS but by Paramount.
So it's simply not possible to use stuff from it.

As for the alternate thing, well at least it was a possible future meaning a Galaxy class could in theory be modified to tha design.
Stuff from the Abramsverse is different because it's not from a possible future but from an alternate past.
And since there is only one past but several futures the rules are not the same for them.