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11-18-2011, 10:46 AM
Being in a fleet with a TS or vent that has some good pvp players in it is the best resource you can use. Get them taking about ways to develope your build and your timing, then ask to join them in the queues or if their willing, in a private match so they can watch what skills your using and when, then guide you on what your doing wrong. As you learn, I'd lean towards surviveability, then as you get more comfortable, start moving towards tweaking you build towards more damage potential. A good start is:

emergency power to shields 1&2
Haz emitters1, transfer shield strength2
2 attack pattern omega1's
2 tac team1's

This will give you a pretty defensive build to start with so you can stay alive long enough to start getting the hang of things. Check out the keybinds forums as well. They are your friend :-)