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11-18-2011, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by DaveyNY View Post
THAT would be really cool...

But at that level of detail, the Dev's would probably have to re-do every ship in the game.

Remember which Company we're talkin' about here.
not necessarily see the only changes needed is to the UI not the ships themselves, the camera is the issue with it. they don't need to change the models just the area around them.

The idea is to make it work better. what I'm proposing is to just get the interface overhauled, have the visual part as a surprise, not the function. it needs to work friendly, the camera is not working better. we need to have it get closer to the ship and the camera not the ship should be moving.

The details are already there, we just need to be able to see them better. try this, first go check out the editor, see hos close you can look over the ship, currently not much. all of the ships are too small to get a good look at them in the editor. i cant really tell what changes I've made as it is.

Then go and actually launch into your ship, you can get a better look at your ship actually flying in it than you can in the editor. that right there is the problem.