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11-18-2011, 01:36 PM
Even with bulk purchases, having three classes of unreplicatable materials is a TERRIBLY FLAWED SOLUTION:

1 - Makes crafting recipes even harder to understand; figuring out how much dilithium needed for a particular item is a MESS

2 - You've taken one currency and made it into 4! This is NOT AN IMPROVEMENT.

3 - Without the ability to trade between classes of materials, you now can get your dilithium locked up into even more useless forms. What if you ended up buying the rare variety, but later decide another item would be better that requires as much dilithium cost, but in uncommon? Screwed again.

Honestly, why didn't you just make ONE form of materials and just let us use/trade that as a replacement for the SINGLE-VALUED dilithium cost?

That would be BETTER for us in just about every way imaginable.