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11-18-2011, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by TIME_LORDS View Post
what on earth is the point of even having Q on tribble, not only that but its tribble, nearly all of us have done what we had to do to get the rewards, now we are all back in holo working our butts off for emblems from the featured episode re-runs before the stupid dilithium changeover begins and you want us to spend more useless time in tribble... bad idea cryptic, or is this just a test to see that Q will actually still work with all the changes you have made, most good, some terrible... or is this a ploy to lure us away from our emblem hunting.. i'll pass thanks..
Hey Buddy, if it made sense rest assured that they wouldn't do it! LOL

Well, I know that statement is going to cost me some dilithium...NOoooo!

Remember grinding through a game just to end up playing to pay, and to pay to win is fun fun fun.
As the game requires you to grind more and more, it takes away from the family and friends. It helps you to reprioritize your life incorrectly so that you lose your real life in favor of a f2p online game. You lose your wife (or girl friend, mistress, paid prostitute, etc.) and your 2.5 kids. You lose your friends and family, except those other sad losers ingame that put the game first now due to the necessity of the grind. You may even lose your job and your grip with reality. All because of the almighty dilithium. Congrats Cryptic, you made this game a drag for us normal gaming folk, and turned it into a game just for those 24/7 mmo addicted gamers who get their living by leeching off their parents; even though they're in their 30's and 40's. Or they make their living off of the broken welfare system, my tax dollar... or dilithium, lol.