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Originally Posted by AdmiralBlack10 View Post
The dreadnaught class was also in an alternate timeline, they can add the ships if they want to.

Ho often do you plan to bring that up?

Like dee said: We KNOW for sure that the constitution was not build in that Abrahams-way.

Originally Posted by RamblinWreck View Post
And he saw the ship and remembered it and probably told Star Fleet about its design. So its possible they turned old Galaxies into the dreadnought by 2409.
I dont thing that Stafleet releases a whole ship lane based on some vage impression that a timetraveling captain (who is not even an enginier) had by looking at some lcars MSDs while being focused on the minor issue of... well saving the universe .... especially when he suffered form the symtoms of a mental illness during that incident.
Also... Picard (unike Janeway) would fur sure not violate the temporal directives.

The GX can VERY WELL be modified by the same people the same way it was modified in the AGT timeline.... there is no indication at all that anything that effectet the difference between that timelines effectet those people or the whole ship development progress in any way.
All that we know is diffrent is the ent d distruction, the romulan empires state as being conquered by the klingons (wich very well may be happened shortly before and conectet to the Hobus explosion) and SOME personal fates.

Starfleet wants to keep old ships usefull... they plan how to refit them and chose the refit that makes sense.. And that one is simply the one that is most efficient... no matter in what timeline since that ship that WAS refitet is in both timelines the same.