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# 6 Fleet Headquarters
11-18-2011, 05:35 PM
Alliance members officially gained access to our completed fleet headquarters today!

Fleet members received the location of our secret entrance into the Praxian Transwarp Network which allows them to instantly travel to the Delta Quadrent and visit the homeworld of Praxia.

Locations on Praxia include:

The Praxian Palace
- Hall of the Senate
- Fleet Mess Hall
- Conference Room
- Observation Lounge
- Ambassador's Office
- Emperor's Office
- Clifftop Terrace

Praxian Planet Surface
- Parade Square
- Beaches of Praxia
- Cave of Origins
- Access to the Borg Control Center

Testing and Training Holodeck
- Federation Attack Simulation
- Borg Cube Simulation
- Klingon Battle Simulation
- Shore Leave Simulation
- Romulan Simulation

Bridge Simulator
- Used for testing officers through a variety of scenarios using simulated damage to the bridge

Medical Facility
- Medical Ward
- Surgical Ward
- Medical Holodeck
- Chief Medical Officer's Office
- Chemical Lab

This is only the second phase of our Headquarters... and only one component that sets us apart from every other fleet out there.