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11-18-2011, 06:30 PM
there's a great saying that is VERY applicable here.......don't fix what aint broke.......there is absolutly ZERO reason to be changing many things that they are changing simply because they can. You want to revamp the skill system to, supposedly, make it more clear and get rid of specilization/choice....okay but this should in no way effect what we are able to do in game compared to what we had before. Unless there is some as yet undocumetned change that will be going on to bring power levels back in line with where we were at previously i am rather upset that they are giving us even less for our skill points and slots as far as power levels goes.

And i'm hoping the weapon power consumption is only a bug as if we are in fact burning through weapon power from 125 down to practically nothing then our dps is taking a HUGE nose dive. I got tired of playing until everything is finalized as i keep getting aggravated by the constant non required changes so until december i've removed myself from the irritant.