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11-18-2011, 08:36 PM
Originally Posted by VengefulDjinn
I think there might be a misunderstanding.

The Bellerophon model by itself, is just fine, it's when you start mixing parts to customize the ship, that things get "wonky".
Try it yourself the next time you are at spacedock.

A lot of the new ships have an issue when you "customize" them (mix and match other ship parts), the Venture per example would get two kinds of windows if you mix and match saucers with say the Galaxy
and so forth. This happens as well with the Belerophon, but the pylons, or "stanchions" look like they do in the picture on my signature.

I like having the option to customize my ship using the parts I purchase from C store ships. Isn't customization big in this game after all?

Again, the issue was brought to Cryptic's attention, to their credit, they actually came up with a fix for the issue on Tribble F2P, on the 11/4 tribble patch, but never ported the fix over to holodeck as well. ????? !

Again I ask why fix something with a C store item, only to put the fix on tribble ?
ok thank you i thought it was the skin its self