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11-18-2011, 11:35 PM
Hmm, I don't recall it being all that hard when I did it, it just took a little time is all.

I ran into a similar issue with having to repeat "The Gates of Gre'thor". You really need have a window pop up that tells you that this is the end of that mission, so that you can complete it, and grab the next mission in the chain, before you start the next section. Actually, I think having the Gates remain inoperable until you have accepted the mission "The Gates of Gre'thor" would help. I agree that the mission progression thing may be part of the problem. It is very annoying.

As far as the fights go, they seem underwhelming, if anything.

Here are some suggestions if you are having difficulty with that (or any mission boss fight for that matter).
  • Before starting a mission (or a mission chain for that matter) grab a stack of large hypos. Large shield charges are useful too, but some damage bypasses your shield, and it is imperative to keep your health up.
  • Bring 3 engineers stacked with weapon turret skills. I have found this to be a REALLY effective tactic when fighting bosses. Having more damage is good, having more targets for the boss (or any summons) to beat on is better. The shield/medical generators don't provide enough support to offset the additional firepower of the weapon turrets. Cover shield is odd, sometimes a boss will stand there and attack the shield until it dissipates, but most times bridge officers will get stuck behind it. With tier one skills, mines can increase your damage output, while slowing down the target.
  • Always bring a science officer with all healing skills. Even if you are a science officer the bridge officer healer will allow you to concentrate on either using offensive skills, or keeping the boss occupied. Also if you have the chance, and a science officer, top off people who are taking damage...this relieves the burden on your healer.
  • Keep your away team's gear up to par.Don't go into a big mission like that undergeared. Having your away team running around with the starter gear is asking for failure. You don't have to outfit all of your bridge officers with the very best, just the ones that will follow you into harms way.
  • Keep everyone on their feet. If someone falls unconscious, revive them and get them back into the fight asap.
  • Don't stand in the fire. Grethor is not even remotely cold, so there is no excuse to stay in the flames. If you see your bridge officers standing in them, try to force them to move by using the placement tool. Also keep them spread out, this will keep aoes hitting too many people. (this is especially important when fighting the Phantom devidian bosses, since they regain health from their aoe life drain.)
  • Clear all minions before engaging the boss. They will go down pretty quick, especially when under focus fire. This keeps down the number of things shooting at YOU.
  • If you hit the dirt, call for help repeatedly until you get revived...spam that thing. Once you get revived, heal yourself asap, or get out of the line of fire, and regenerate if you can't. If you have a healing tribble just stay out of combat for a second or two, and it will be available for use.
  • If your team somehow gets floored before you can get them revived, retreat and use obstacles to break line of sight. This will draw the boss away from your team, and allow you to heal some. Once you get enough of your life back rush back in and focus on getting your team back on their feet. As long as you don't get too far away from the boss, he won't break combat and reset.
  • Non Player controlled NPCs: If you have story related NPCs (like Kahless), let them take aggro and tank. They usually have better damage resistance and health than you do. Just remember to keep an eye on their health (if they are killable). If allied NPCs go down, they can be revived too (though they will vanish after a second or two if they are redshirt npcs).
  • Use expose and exploit attacks to your advantage. Use a weapon that has an expose for most attacks. The pulsewave assault rifle is really good. It does a huge amount of damage up close, has a decent knockback, and has a cone area of effect in addition to it's ability to cause an enemy to be exposed (a small orange circle, rotating in a target's center that allows the next exploit type attack to inflict additional damage). Once the enemy is exposed, swap to your secondary weapon which should be an exploit type. The split beam rifle is really good in this role, since it has a fast fire, and can hit multiple targets with it's secondary fire. The sniper rifle has a really high damage, but has a very slow secondary fire, which I think makes it a poor choice for quick swapping attacks.
  • If you have a chance, drop as many turrets and attack pets as possible before engaging a boss. This allows you to start out in control of the engagement.
  • If you are real squishy (low health/shield), don't try an alpha strike (stacking damage modifying skills/items for maximum damage as an opening shot). This will guarantee that you will be the tank until you go down in a flaming heap. Allow an NPC or pet to grab aggro and then deal your damage.
  • Sometimes, no matter what you do, you will wipe. Your connection will get interrupted, a random number generator hates you, some form of misfortune occurs to you.. This does not automatically mean the fight is too hard. It just means something went wrong, or you did something silly.
  • If you keep failing, try changing your tactics. Ramming your head into a wall repeatedly won't guarantee that you break just guarantees a headache. If your team is taking too much damage, add another healer to your team. Try a different kit, or a weapon loadout.

I ran this mission chain last night at captain 9 and came out at MG1. The fights are pretty easy, especially the three vices, Cowardice, Treachery, Despair. The only dangerous thing they have is the aoe fire they drop (get out of the fire). As long as you stay out of the fire, you will be fine. I brought 3 engineers with weapon turrets and mines and science officer for healing. My gear was the MK VII white vendor gear (use polyalloy weave armor here). It seemed to me that the damage they do was toned down from what I remember on holodeck. I think they should ramp up the melee damage those guys do. or give them a special ability in addition to the fire thing. On the second run through there, (I ran into that stupid bug ) I just let the Vices pound on me without my using any attacks or skills after using an alpha strike to get aggro, and let the bridge officers and turrets kill them. Stay out of the fire.

As far as the final boss went he was pretty much the same. He will even telegraph his use of the fire aoe, by raising his spear and holding it over his head for a couple of seconds. (stay out of the fire, seriously). When you see him do that, run away from him quick...he will drop the flames at his feet. If you stay out of the fire, the fight is easy. I really think that they should give him a knockdown attack.for melee.

Quantum mortars are fantastic here. None of the creatures here have shields, and they love melee.