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11-19-2011, 05:50 AM
It's been bugging me a while since the other day while I was thiking about this at work..

The way the new skills are set up makes versatility more expensive.

With the proposed changes to the skill pricing going to 18, 18, 18 for the first 3 tanks in a skill it's easier to point this out...

18 points in the old system to all skills... 900 points in the respective field.
Which would be 1 rank in all the respective skills in the new system...

Which means even having ranks in the T5 skills, oh 2 ranks in those and it's already more expensive...

Not to mention that removing the 'all skills' aspect of the T1 and 'several skills' aspect of the T2 skills really screws with the skill traits.

Instead of applying to all skills of the respective department they only apply to 1. And the Joined Trill racial even lost it's bonus to warp core training.