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11-19-2011, 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
No, it was a while back when the skill system revamp went in. It's most obvious on things like the Borg and Aegis items, some of which give less than 1 power now, but consoles give less than they did before, too.
I have figured it out. You were right about the borg and aegis but it wasn't completely done before the Thursday patch. There was an additional nerf done on 11/17

With full power speccing on live using aegis
125/100 weapons
73/25 shields
53/25 engines
71/50 Aux

With full power speccing on F2P with aegis prior to the 11/17 patch
125/100 weapons
62/25 shields -11
53/25 engines
73/50 Aux +2

Current on F2P with same spec as above and aegis
125/100 weapons
59/25 shields -3
51/25 engines -2
74/50 Aux +1

So with these changes I have lost 14 points of shield power and 2 points of engine power while only gaining 3 points of Aux.

The first change was not an easy one to swallow but it keeps getting worse.

Nobody asked for these changes.
The changes aren't fixing a broken system.
Why is this happening

I would like to see an explanation from Cryptic as to the reason behind these changes.

without an explanation this is just a nerf for the sake of a nerf