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11-19-2011, 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by speedofheat
Isn't this the same as consoles, if you look at the math, the values are trippled in effect...
None of the other skill traits were changed in value.
All of the skill traits now only affect 1 skill as opposed to all skills of the department.
Joined Symbiote had one of the bonuses removed.
As the consoles were dropped in value to reflect the change in he formula I don't see why they wouldn't do the same to the traits if they were in that section of the formula since they seemingly went over them anyway.

Overall the skill change has hurt the sill based traits.

And I do recall a dev post somewhere where they're planning on changing the skills from 33x3 to 99 with a different sp per point curve, so the x3 won't be there anymore later anyway.