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11-19-2011, 08:24 AM
This is a pretty ridiculous change if you ask me. 50 is absurd. 10 was probably a bit cheap, but it shouldn't be more than 20, maybe 25 at most for the fractal remodulator. It only shaves 1s off, it isn't that great.

It took me a full 2 hours to get the 10 of each I needed for one. That's 10 hours of grinding at that rate, which on Holodeck is probably going to happen across 10 days since the event won't last 2 hours.

And of course if you want one for each of your BOFFs, you're looking at 50 hours of grinding, which translates to 50 days! And that is not on your schedule either, it is on the game's event schedule. It took me significantly less time than that to level up to VA on Tribble, and that was running with a T2 escort all the way to RA.