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11-19-2011, 08:37 AM
For background I only PuG. I enjoy making goofball builds and taking them into PvP.

The main objection I have to any kind of ELO/killboard/leaderboard is they change the goals of the players to "win" the elo/killboard/leaderboard instead of being creative w/PvP potential builds and playstyles. For example, even now people rarely C&H to win it's usually secondary to fighting. In C&H, unlike arena, deaths don't matter to "win" the scenario.

Also, let's not let the Devs off the hook of not having any kind of strategic or even tactical reason to actual fight for in PvP. There's still no ETA on OPEN sector PvP raids they touched on over the summer.

That said if there are quarterly tournies et al which have ELO/killboards/leaderboards run by Cryptic or players I think that would be reasonable. But, I'd much rather devs put some incentive into winning and add depth to PvP.