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11-19-2011, 11:21 AM
No I havnt. And that does supprised most I fly with, but just like you have they urge me to setup a nice bind set. I know it would cut down on the misfires we love so much, I just love wasting 4 of my 10 second crf3 because I had to jam on it 5 times to work.... I've taken to 2/3 button combos. Outside of an alpha that's mostly what I see happening. And I've really tried to find a......"natural" I guess? flow or pace with the keys. My fingers are usually very fluid and I guess I dont "slam" on any 1 key.

But my setup is different than most I talk to. I target with spacebar, wasd, and use nothing more than the numpad and alt/ctrl + numpad. I even balance my shields without using distribute much.... Using alt+wasd for the reroute shield power to facings.

Anywho enough rambling, hrm maybe I will read the keybinds sticky tonight...